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I was born in Antigua in 1975 and raised by a single mother.

I started singing at 19 and realised this was a natural thing.

I wake up sometimes at 2am to a sensation - "Ras-tafari" energy. The sensation I feel is as if I hear music, it's sweeter than anything I have ever felt, heard or thought to imagine. I listen to Marley and he talk about some naturalistic.

Marley 'Di Weed' the energy is like 'Lightning', the only thing Stronger is Love!

'Der Music' the songs they just happen. I don't plan music, I don't study, I don't take time to think about it - I am truthful to myself.

Listen am sensitive, I feel things. The love for girls - within them is the joy of my existence. The love and energy to strengthen people, to empower their souls it just happen.


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