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The Big Bad Dread & The Baldhead


Dread's 3rd UK tour

Looking for an excuse to plan a party this summer? Well now you have one, as  The Big Bad Dread and the Baldhead are coming to the UK between August 15th and September 8th for their third tour and are available for gigs.

If you are interested in booking the guys, they can play up to a maximum of 2 and 1/2 hours (but normally play for 1 and 1/2 hours) and are happy to travel anywhere in the UK as long as it fits in with the Lashings World XI program. Travel expenses will be included in the fee. Discounts are available if an adequate PA system is provided. For live performances they do a mixture of their own music and covers, often including a bit of Disco, Soca and Rock ’n’ Roll.

The full line up is as follows:

Guitarist... Richie Richardson (Former West Indies Cricket Team Captain)
Bassist…Ambassador Curtly Ambrose (Former West Indies Fast Bowler)
Lead vocalist….Davidson (Bankers) Benjamin (1996 Antigua Calypso King)
Drummer…Jason Jacobs
Keyboardist....Dave Bridgewater (One of Antigua’s Premier Musicians)
Percussionist…Murphy Charles

To book the band, call Lashings World XI Head Office on 08704 606 561 now!

new album

‘Big Bad Dread and the Baldhead’ and are just about the release their fourth album.